CRB Machine For Sale

crb machine for sale

CRB machine for sale

The CRB or counter rotating brush is a popular dry carpet cleaning machine used by professional cleaners to agitate pre-sprays prior to wet extraction. The dual counter-rotating brushes agitate the carpet fibers and break down tough soiling. This allows for quick and easy wet extraction, with fewer passes, less water and less manual work, leading to dry carpets that look clean.

We offer a range of crb machine for sale | TMF Store, all from well known brands like Rotowash and Whittaker. They are all genuine Austrian made “TM” models, with a long proven track record in the industry.

Where to Find Quality CRB Machines for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide

The TM3 is a compact counter rotating brush machine that can be used for encapsulation cleaning, dry compound cleaning, post vacuuming, pre scrubbing, pile lifting, grooming of the carpet, etc. It has wheels built in for easy transport, and can be used on both carpets and hard floors. The Stainless Steel body is sturdy and lightweight, making it an ideal machine for any cleaning business. Also, the stair tool handle allows you to scrub stairs with ease. We also sell CRB brushes and accessories for these machines so make sure to browse around our site and see what we have for you!

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