Dallas Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

dallas pier and beam foundation repair

A home with a dallas pier and beam foundation repair is often more susceptible to the North Texas climate than those built on slab foundations. When these foundations experience problems, it is important that they are addressed as quickly as possible. If not, they can worsen to the point that the structure sinks and sees extensive and expensive damage to floors, walls, and even the roof.

The most common pier and beam foundation issues include sagging or buckling floors, cracking in the walls, and doors that no longer open or close as easily as they used to. These problems are often a result of moisture that has made its way into the crawl space under the home. Moisture can rot wood, encourage mold and fungus growth, and even cause the structure to sink. A reputable foundation repair company will ensure that the crawl space under your home is properly ventilated to reduce moisture levels and help prevent future structural issues.

Navigating the Frosty Challenges: Arctic Dallas Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Tips

When repairing a pier and beam foundation, the repair process is different than that of a slab foundation. This is because a pier and beam foundation has many more components than a slab foundation. These include posts, pads, girder beams, sill plates, floor joists, and more. It is therefore more difficult to access the crawl space under these types of structures and can take significantly longer to complete repairs.

There are a number of repair options for pier and beam foundations, but the most effective method is one called “reshimming”. This is where small pieces of wood (called shims) are placed between the floor and the supporting beams and joists in order to adjust their elevation. This is a much less invasive and time-consuming method than other methods that involve digging out the original foundation, but it is still a labor-intensive process.

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