Forklift Parts


The forklift spare parts supplier is a vital piece of equipment in many workplaces. It lifts heavy loads and moves them around, saving workers a lot of time and effort. Like any other machine, forklift parts wear down with use and need to be replaced periodically. However, proper maintenance routines and gentle operating practices can help prolong their lifespans. In this article, we will explore the most common forklift parts and discuss some clues to watch out for that could indicate when it’s time to replace them.

The mast is the forklift’s main lifting device and it comes in different lengths to handle different loads. A faulty mast can drop the load and cause damage to the items or injure people in its path.

The Essential Guide to Forklift Parts: A Comprehensive Overview

Tires are another crucial forklift part. They determine the forklift’s ability to travel over uneven or bumpy surfaces and are subjected to a lot of wear and tear from daily use. Different environments and the type of load require different types of tires, with pneumatic tires better suited for rougher terrains.

A counterweight balances the forklift’s weight to offset the load it carries. This is especially important for IC trucks with a maximum load of more than 1,500 pounds. The counterweight is usually located in the back of the truck or, in the case of electric forklifts, the battery acts as a counterweight.

A nameplate is the forklift’s data plate and contains information like the truck model, serial number, capacity, and more. This is an essential safety feature that allows technicians to identify and understand the forklift. It is also helpful in reducing the chances of unauthorized forklift use or theft.

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